12 Petals CBD Elixirs are alchemically formulated for your ECS (endocannabinoid system) to attune with the natural cycles around us.

They are created on the new moon and harvested on the full moon.

Herbal traditionalists have long believed in the power of the moon in regards to making plant medicine. They knew the best time for preparing a tincture was on the new moon. Not only because it is a sign of new beginnings, but it is the time when the gravitational pull of the moon helps to draw out the natural healing properties in the plants — making one of the most powerful and predominant medicinal tinctures possible.

Just as the gravitational pull of the moon affects many things in nature and our lives, it’s thought that this very same phenomenon affects the strength of our herbal extracts.

Making our elixirs following the phases of the moon allows the powerful gravitational pull of the moon to draw out the properties in the plant and also adds a bit of ancient wisdom to the mixture.



Heart Chakra
12 Petals CBD was named after the Heart chakra, or Anahata because our products have been created with the intention to facilitate the activation of this sacred chakra.

The 12 Petaled lotus represents the 12 divine qualities of the heart: Delight, Peace, Harmony, Love, Understanding, Fellowship, Clarity, Purity, Unity, Compassion, Kindness, and Forgiveness.



Jackie Barlow

We turn routine into ritual by bringing mindfulness into our daily acts.

Jackie, the founder explains her morning CBD ritual- "Every morning when I reach for my CBD bottle I first take a second to appreciate my access to such sacred balancing medicine.

Then I open the bottle and inhale its natural perfume. The earthy, nutty scent has really grown on me and I take a moment to just feel in my body.

Bringing in multiple senses helps ground the ritual (and me). I apply a few drops under my tongue and let it sit there for a few breaths, then distribute any remaining oil with my tongue to finish the ritual with taste, bringing that moment with me into my day."